Fu Hui Classes

Fu Hui Buddhist Cultural Centre conducts courses all year round to cater to different needs and learning of the members. Our courses are often  conducted by experienced Venerables or lay teachers. Some of the courses conducted include Guided Reading of Surangama Sutra Course, Meditation Group Practice and many others.

As you learn more of the Dhamma and put it into practice in your daily life, you will eventually find peace and happiness in your mind and appreciate the beauty of the Dhamma. As it is said by the Buddha: “Dhamma is beautiful in the beginning, in the middle and in the end”.

    Surangama Sutra

    If you’re looking for a gentle introduction to yoga, this is a great class. We’ll take you through a slow-paced set of sequences that’ll improve your flexibility, body strength and postural awareness. You’ll leave class feeling longer, looser and more relaxed.

    Date Every Thursday
    Time 08.00 pm to 09.30 pm
    Class Size 15 to 25
    Instructor Mr. Jack Ong
    Fee $100 (10 Lessons)
    Venue Yen Pei Building, Level 7. 105 Punggol Road, Singapore 546636
    Meditation Group Practice

    Melodious with fluid lines and natural forms, the Zither is able to produce a magnificent sound when played. Our experienced teacher will evaluate and draw up a curriculum especially just for you, no prior background is needed for you to start Zither lessons. Over time, you will be able to play advanced pieces with ease.

    Date Every Sunday
    Time 09.30 am to 11.00 am
    11.00 am to 12.30 pm
    Class Size 6
    Instructor Miss Lu Jing
    Fee Member $125, Non-member $130 (8 Lessons)
    Venue Yen Pei Building, Level 8. 105 Punggol Road, Singapore 546636

    These are the four stages of calligraphy. Calligraphers are required to learn each style. However, over time, everyone develops their unique font. Beginners start learning the official script and gradually learn the regular calligraphy script for the next three years. Mastering the running script takes another eight to ten years and finally developing ones unique cursive script can last a lifetime.

    Date Every Sunday
    Time 07.00 pm to 08.30 pm
    Instructor Mr Yong Cheong Thye
    Fee Member $45, Non-member $60
    Venue SBWS Basement Multi-Purpose Hall (Canteen). 105 Punggol Road, Singapore 546636