Fu Hui Dharma Education Centre

At Fu Hui Dharma Education Centre, we promote moral education based on Dharma (Buddhist teachings).

Dharma Classes are conducted on Sunday mornings and afternoons. We have an enrolment of over 600 students, with classes for kindergarten and primary school children, youths, as well as adults at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Dharma Class students learn to be skilful in their relations with others, through better understanding about themselves and good conduct, thus promoting both personal growth and the growth of others at the same time.

Establish Right View and right outlook on life through Dharma-learning and practice, so as to be a kind and wise person blessed with meritorious virtues.

Through stories, educational games, craft work, quiet sitting and other activities, we inculcate the values of loving-kindness, compassion, forbearance, patience, harmony, mindfulness and gratitude in children, so that they become responsible and caring individuals.

Nurture the seedlings of wisdom and goodness in your child’s mind-field.

Graduation Concert: a skit by Adult Dharma Class

Graduation Concert: song and dance items by Youth Dharma Classes

Children’s Dharma Camp

Youth Dharma Camp

Our dedicated team of volunteer Dharma Teachers who nurture Bodhi saplings assiduously in our Dharma-learning garden at Fu Hui